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Open Soda is a project to share the knowledge of home brew soda. It is based off the work of the original Open Cola but is far more in depth and with a wider range of flavors.
History of Open Soda

The history of OpenSoda begins with Matt Arnold, Penguicon, and OpenCola. I have no documentation for when, but some time before Penguicon 2(2004) Matt brought up the idea of making this thing called OpenCola he had learned about, as Penguicon was an open source convention. Matt is one of these people that have great and wonderful ideas and somehow gets other people to do it for him. In 2004, it was just an idea and didn’t happen. I was wrangled into being ConChair for Penguicon 3(2005) and Matt was my right hand man. So he had my ear on many manners and I think mostly willingly I agreed OpenCola and Penguicon would be fun. This prolly would have mostly been a fun little “maybe it would be cool to do some day” project if not for a very well timed meeting. Matt and I decided to attend Midwest Construction 2004, a con about running cons, where we meet none other then that lady who said she was the one who devolved the original OpenCola recipe. Her name completely escapes me at this moment. She told us lots of good information, but more importantly, told us she would glad send us all the equipment she had. It was several months before she got us said box, but it was enough.

The orginal batch went well enough, but was not any where near good. Again, OpenSoda might have died here if not for the revitalizing energy into the project fromĀ  Chuck Child. Chuck tasted OpenCola and said “I can do better” and was just starting to meet those of us involved in the OpenCola at Penguicon. He excitedly agreed to help and dove in to reworking the formula savagely. We basically decided the formula needed to be reworked from the ground up and researched every page we could find about cola production. What resulted is all the work you will find on this web site.

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