Friday, 26 of February of 2021

Dispense Rig V2.0

V2.0 – 2007

I don’t have pics of the original 1.0 dispenser, but it was just a board with 3 holes. Back then, we were still only concerned with open cola and hadn’t hit apoun different flavors of soda, so 3 were fine. Once I decided to make more flavors, it was clear we needed a new dispense rig. I built this one up with wood, and bent some sheet metal into a drain. The rack was from a dollar store. I made the drain water proof with about 2 tubes of water proof Goop. Worked really great, but still relayed on the old cool the entire keg method which used lots of ice. You can see many of the design elements I carried over into the V4.0 rig. This one is retired along with the V1.0 rig as it’s far easier to chill the chill plate rather then 6 kegs.

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