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9/13/2008 – OpenCola test batch using cube cola methodolgy

Opensoda trail batch 9-13-08

Using cube cola methodology of wisk mixer and vodka and meringue powder

Batch 1
Normal 2 liter cola oil formula
.1 ml vodka, 20ml water, and blended with wisk on drill
¼ tsp
meringue powder add to final product.

Results: greatly improved flavor smoothness. Hard to identify individual notes. To much head. Needs less meringue powder. Perhaps 1/8th tsp

Batch 2
Cube cola formula sized to 2 liters
.1 ml vodka, 20ml water, and blended with wisk on drill
1/8 tsp
meringue powder

this level is enough for 58.5 batches of 2L. so we need to dived each by 58.5
7.50 ml orange oil

7.00 ml lime oil
2.00 ml lemon oil
0.75 ml cassia oil
1.50 ml nutmeg oil
0.50 ml coriander oil (12 drops)
0.50 ml lavender oil

dived by 58.5=
0.128 ml orange oil
0.119 ml lime oil
0.034 ml lemon oil
0.012 ml cassia oil
0.025 ml nutmeg oil
0.008 ml coriander oil
0.008 ml lavender oil

I will round to nearest drop

Results: the oil mixture smelled so disgusting I didn’t bother making it into a 2L. There was a reason we
abandoned the nutmeg, coriander, and lavender oils. They are horrible and bring nothing good to the flavor.

Batch 3
Still trying to identify the long mystery flavor that leaves bad after taste. Try a dev batch(no oils) for comparison with batch 1. Also will try the 1/8 tsp meringue powder.

Results: made up a batch of dev as well as batch of just acid mix and just phosphoric acid. Taste does not seem to be in those. Could it be just sugar? Made up a batch of just sugar, taste seems to be in the just sugar mixture. Need a bit
less meringue powder. Perhaps 1/16th tsp.

Also, lemon and lime flavors seemed to strong. Made a batch of just .5ml less of lemon lime. Much better taste.

Researched simple syrups more. Turns out, just adding heat will not break down the sucrose into fructose and glucose. You need to add an acid. Following online instructions, made a batch of a 1:1 simple syrup with a tsp of cream of tarter. Put on low boil for 25 minutes. Mixed with 2 liters of water and it tasted much better then our old method. Mixed in rest of ingredients and results were a very good tasting cola!

Need peer review of methodology a taste results and if it passes, we add new steps to document.

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