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3/27/2005 – OpenCola Test Batch 1

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OpenCola test batch

The Consuite signal shone on the clouds this weekend and the cry went
out, “Consuite powers, unite!” Mark Szlaga, Steve DeHart and Shar Nims
quickly assembled in Mark’s basement. I and the Conchair Bill Putt
brought over the bulk of the ingredients, Mark had found the very
hard-to-find ingredients, and we worked on the test batch for OpenCola.
Thanks to Shar Nims for taking these pictures. They’re a top-notch team
and I’m very excited about Consuite this year.

-Matt Arnold

Measuring a quarter of a milliliter is not easy.

Nothing but the finest distilled water.

Citric acid.

(These photos skip a lot of steps.)

I had to mix the heck out of the syrup, because the food-grade gum
arabic gave the Top SeekrutTM flavoring formula the consistency of

There’s the “Beer God” Mark Szlaga, who gave us the use of his basement.

One part “black waters of corporate imperialism” to five parts
carbonated water.

I bought several 2-liters of carbonated water which said “sodium free”
but sure didn’t taste sodium free. So we didn’t use them any more.

The recipe calls for too much of the orange flavoring. And also, we
never found any nutmeg flavor, which affected the taste signifigantly.

Mark has got the forced-carbonation process down to a science. As the
Hitchhiker’s Guide would say, our consuite people “really know where
their towel is.”

The verdict is that it tastes pretty good. Bill noticed that he got a
little upset stomach later, but I’m just fine. Whether that is related
is not known– drink at your own risk. All flavors, including Pepsi and
Coke, will be available in cans in the Consuite as always.

—Notes: We discovered a curtial element here; OILS EAT PLASTIC. The
equipment that we got was all plactic. We found bits of floating
plastic in they syrup(we strained before making a batch). We found the
OpenCola recipe to be horrible difficult to decypher, had bad math and
incorrect numbers, and used a process we found required to many steps.
We severed about a 5 gallon batch at the 2005 Penguicon consuite and it
all went away. Lots of people said they liked it. I hated it and found
it to be discusting. We much later found out why it would give me up
set stomachs, the oil degrades with time and we were using pretty old
oils that were not properly stored. We also much latter learned not to
run soda with beer equipment. Soda runs at MUCH higher psi of co2.

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