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Fridged Bitch April 2009 version

Open Soda Recipe – Fridged Bitch April 2009 version

WARING! Open Soda is a complex
process that involves the mixing of dangerous chemicals. Please read
all warning notes of all chemicals, oils, equipment, and processes
listed on before starting. Only use glass and metal
for mixing.


Ingredients 2 liter batch metric
2 liter batch imperial
5 gal keg batch(note 2l x 10 is almost 5 gal) metric
5 gal keg batch(note 2l x 10 is almost 5 gal) imperial
224g 8oz
2240g 80oz
For diet: Splenda 27.5g
275g 10oz
Citric Acid
1.3g .045oz
Phosphoric Acid
.7ml .02 fl oz
7ml .2 fl oz
Vodka .1ml
.003 fl oz
1ml .03 fl oz
Lemon Oil
003 fl oz 1ml 03 fl oz
Orange Oil
003 fl oz 1ml 03 fl oz
Grapefruit Oil .1ml
003 fl oz 1ml 03 fl oz
Lime Oil
003 fl oz 1ml 03 fl oz
Cinnamon Oil .02ml .0007 fl oz
.2ml .007 fl oz
Cherry Oil
Gum Arabic 1/10tsp
1tsp ??
Sodium Citrate .5g
5g .18oz
Sodium Benzoate .5g
.018oz 5g .18oz
Carmel Coloring
.15tsp ??
1.5tsp ??
Caffeine .15g
1.5g ??



glass containers

cooking pots

scale(.1g accuracy is best)

drill with whisk attached


To start, boil water(1 cup for
2l, 10 cups for 5gal). Once the water is boiling, add in sugar and stir
to dissolve. Decrease heat to medium so that solution is barley at a
boil. Add both acids to the solution. Allow to cook for 30 minutes or
until it reaches a light amber color.

While sugar is cooking, mix
vodka and flavor oils in small glass container with pipette. Next,
dissolve the gum arabic in a very small amount of water in a medium
sized glass container. Your container should just barely be the size to
allow your whisk attached to your drill to fit in. Contact with the
sides is necessary. Pour your flavor oils into the water and gum arabic
mixture and pour some back and forth to get every drop of oil. Mix the
solution as high as you can for several minutes with the drill/whisk
assembly. Then add the sodium citrate, sodium benzoate, and
caffeine(optional) to the mixture and mix until fully dissolved.

When the sugar is done cooking,
pour mixture in. Pour a bit of water into the mixing vessel to get any
remaining mix out and pour into sugar. This concentrate is very potent
and every last bit counts. Finally, add coloring to the resulting syrup
and mix. Now just pour into final container(2l bottle or 5gal keg),
fill up with water(don’t forget to pour water into the pot the syrup
was in to get every last drop of syrup out), and carbonate using one of
the carbonation methods.

Variants on other side


Variant 1 – Precise acid measurement vs acid mix

If you don’t have a scale precise enough to measure down to .1g, you can mix an acid mix 1st. In 2l bottle of water, add

  • 100 g Sodium Citrate
  • 100 g Sodium Benzoate
  • 26 g Citric Acid

Then for a 5 gal keg, use 100ml
of the mix. Each 100ml will contain 5g Sodium Citrate, 5g Sodium
Citrate, and 1.3g Citric Acid. For 2l size, use 10ml of the mix.
Warning, this mix crystallizes fast. This is why we don’t recommend
this method. If you store this mix for any amount of time,  you will
have to heat up the water(with out losing any of it else you throw off
your ratio) and shake VIGOROUSLY to get back into solution.

Variant 2 – Diet or regular

If you want to create diet
version of any recipe, replace the sugar with Splenda. 275g for
5gal(one large bag) or 27.5g for a 2l.

Variant 3 – blender vs vodka

The vodka is used because oil
is alcohol soluble and this vastly helps smooth out the flavor notes.
If for some reason you do not wish to use the alcohol, you need to mix
for a much longer time. If you don’t have a proper drill/whisk
assembly, you can us a blender, but you need to add enough water to
come up over the blades. Also, do not use plastic blender, the gum
aribic will stick to it very badly. Use a glass blender and mix for
several minutes.

June 27th 2009

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