Friday, 26 of February of 2021

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Secret of Pepsi one step closer and caffine warning

While at a friend’s birthday party, some one got some Angostura bitters, which was used as a flavor additive for whiskey. He was having people give it a sniff. I being a super taster, I immediately recognized the smell as the same ingredient in Pepsi that I’ve been trying to find! After me telling the rest of the party this, they agreed. We put some in glasses of coke, and PRESTO! Pepsi! But with a very bitter after taste. Now Angostura bitters is them self made from a secret recipe. But it’s a place to start.

Also I was sent a link on the dangers of Caffeine. Check it out.

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Open Soda at Maker Faire

Open Soda got accepted to be in the Maker Faire Detroit. Info at ..

Basically it will be a ton of ppl that make things gather for the last weekend in July at Dearborn MI. We will be holding hourly how to sessions and as well as dispensing multiple flavors of soda.

I have notes from 2 dev sessions to put up and also the newest dispense rig failed at Penguicon. So I had to build a quick and dirty platform that merges dispenser 2.o, 3.0, and 4.o into one. Only has 4 flavors rather then 4.0’s 6, but it works.

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Switch to WordPress

Ok, today I finally finished the switch over to wordpress. YAY!! This gives us lots of neat features, lets other ppl help update it, make it easy to update, and looks better. Anything before this post is randomly in order, but I tired to copy everything over from the old site as similar as possible.  I’ve also put up the new recipes. So look around, tell me what I can improve, what else you think the site needs, and don’t forgot to register so you can comment on stuff!

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Open Soda switch to WordPress

After using WordPress for my podcasts, I’ve decided to move the Open Soda page over to WordPress as well. Seems like a very nice system and will allow much easier way for us to distribute information to every one.

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