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9/13/2008 – OpenCola test batch using cube cola methodolgy

Opensoda trail batch 9-13-08

Using cube cola methodology of wisk mixer and vodka and meringue powder

Batch 1
Normal 2 liter cola oil formula
.1 ml vodka, 20ml water, and blended with wisk on drill
¼ tsp
meringue powder add to final product.

Results: greatly improved flavor smoothness. Hard to identify individual notes. To much head. Needs less meringue powder. Perhaps 1/8th tsp

Batch 2
Cube cola formula sized to 2 liters
.1 ml vodka, 20ml water, and blended with wisk on drill
1/8 tsp
meringue powder

this level is enough for 58.5 batches of 2L. so we need to dived each by 58.5
7.50 ml orange oil

7.00 ml lime oil
2.00 ml lemon oil
0.75 ml cassia oil
1.50 ml nutmeg oil
0.50 ml coriander oil (12 drops)
0.50 ml lavender oil

dived by 58.5=
0.128 ml orange oil
0.119 ml lime oil
0.034 ml lemon oil
0.012 ml cassia oil
0.025 ml nutmeg oil
0.008 ml coriander oil
0.008 ml lavender oil

I will round to nearest drop

Results: the oil mixture smelled so disgusting I didn’t bother making it into a 2L. There was a reason we
abandoned the nutmeg, coriander, and lavender oils. They are horrible and bring nothing good to the flavor.

Batch 3
Still trying to identify the long mystery flavor that leaves bad after taste. Try a dev batch(no oils) for comparison with batch 1. Also will try the 1/8 tsp meringue powder.

Results: made up a batch of dev as well as batch of just acid mix and just phosphoric acid. Taste does not seem to be in those. Could it be just sugar? Made up a batch of just sugar, taste seems to be in the just sugar mixture. Need a bit
less meringue powder. Perhaps 1/16th tsp.

Also, lemon and lime flavors seemed to strong. Made a batch of just .5ml less of lemon lime. Much better taste.

Researched simple syrups more. Turns out, just adding heat will not break down the sucrose into fructose and glucose. You need to add an acid. Following online instructions, made a batch of a 1:1 simple syrup with a tsp of cream of tarter. Put on low boil for 25 minutes. Mixed with 2 liters of water and it tasted much better then our old method. Mixed in rest of ingredients and results were a very good tasting cola!

Need peer review of methodology a taste results and if it passes, we add new steps to document.

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12/3/2005 – OpenCola Test Batch 2

Open Cola test batch 2

What follows is a collection of notes from various sources about this day…

Sun, Dec 4, 2005 at 9:41 AM
So Matt, barrier of the Open Cola box, as he was the one who approached the lady who MADE open cola and offered up all her original supplies, claimed up and down that he did NOT have the open cola box containing ingredients and our notes. The original box had a bottle of nutmeg oil break during shipping and was quite pungent I could smell it from a long ways away. I could not smell it in Matt’s house, so concurred with him that it was not at his house either. So, Aaron(conchair), Mark(beergod and 3.0 opencola carbonation meister), Steve(consuite head), Shar(smoking consuite head), and I tore our houses apart looking for this box Matt claimed was not at his house. Chuck(4.0 Master of Carbonated Chemistry), Matt, and myself, took EVERYTHING out of the storage cube(and sorted, inventoried, and restacked neatly) in an attempt to locate said box. After all this, we decided to simply rebuy all the oils and start from scratch on the formula. Yesterday, we did testing and experimenting on a Pepsi formula, but were missing one ingredient that we knew was in the box. I sent Matt on a search for a screwdriver, as Chuck and I lamented for the missing ingredient. Low and behold, Matt walks up from the basement saying,  “Maybe it’s in this box” setting down a small box containing all of the missing objects of the open cola box. PHTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. So Matt had had it the ENTIRE time as he should have had. The difference is it was in a new smaller box with out the strong smell of nutmeg, so I was unable to locate it by smell.
So thank you who helped in the search in vain. Also for those who know Matt like I do, you can rejoice for I have fixed his off body memory retention(aka his palm). No if only we can get a system that tags all items in Matt’s possession and have them listed on a gps hand held for him.

On a good note, we made very good progress and the final batch was the closest thing to a cola that we’ve gotten to date and should have some very good samples at ConFusion.

Bill Putt

Blender, Scale, measuring cups, and other assorted items of cola creation

Chuck mixes in flavor oils into the blender with gum aribic creating an imulsion

Chuck adds oil into the blender

Arron Thul(conchair Penguicon 4.0) and chuck check out the flavor base

Bill Putt’s(conchair Penguicon 3.0) job was to taste test regula cola’s and make flavor batchs. Here chuck checks the latest one mixed up.

Chuck, Aaron, and Bill watch as the syrup gets blended with carmel color

We used a selzer bottle to carbonate batches. Ended up being very expensive way.

For some reason, our coloring created blue foam

We used bottled water as to not effect the taste

Here Matt, try this. “Here try this.” The wonderful and dreaded words of any good OpenCola session.

Matt Arnold(conchair Penguicon 7.0) experenices a “special kind of bad.” We put FAR to much acid in this batch.

—Notes: I can’t really find more information then this. We ended up with a very spicy(cause of to much cininom) batch we called Ferndale(after the city we were making the batch in). We learned a lot and ended up with something far better then what we had a Penguicon 3.0.

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3/27/2005 – OpenCola Test Batch 1

Orignal source is

OpenCola test batch

The Consuite signal shone on the clouds this weekend and the cry went
out, “Consuite powers, unite!” Mark Szlaga, Steve DeHart and Shar Nims
quickly assembled in Mark’s basement. I and the Conchair Bill Putt
brought over the bulk of the ingredients, Mark had found the very
hard-to-find ingredients, and we worked on the test batch for OpenCola.
Thanks to Shar Nims for taking these pictures. They’re a top-notch team
and I’m very excited about Consuite this year.

-Matt Arnold

Measuring a quarter of a milliliter is not easy.

Nothing but the finest distilled water.

Citric acid.

(These photos skip a lot of steps.)

I had to mix the heck out of the syrup, because the food-grade gum
arabic gave the Top SeekrutTM flavoring formula the consistency of

There’s the “Beer God” Mark Szlaga, who gave us the use of his basement.

One part “black waters of corporate imperialism” to five parts
carbonated water.

I bought several 2-liters of carbonated water which said “sodium free”
but sure didn’t taste sodium free. So we didn’t use them any more.

The recipe calls for too much of the orange flavoring. And also, we
never found any nutmeg flavor, which affected the taste signifigantly.

Mark has got the forced-carbonation process down to a science. As the
Hitchhiker’s Guide would say, our consuite people “really know where
their towel is.”

The verdict is that it tastes pretty good. Bill noticed that he got a
little upset stomach later, but I’m just fine. Whether that is related
is not known– drink at your own risk. All flavors, including Pepsi and
Coke, will be available in cans in the Consuite as always.

—Notes: We discovered a curtial element here; OILS EAT PLASTIC. The
equipment that we got was all plactic. We found bits of floating
plastic in they syrup(we strained before making a batch). We found the
OpenCola recipe to be horrible difficult to decypher, had bad math and
incorrect numbers, and used a process we found required to many steps.
We severed about a 5 gallon batch at the 2005 Penguicon consuite and it
all went away. Lots of people said they liked it. I hated it and found
it to be discusting. We much later found out why it would give me up
set stomachs, the oil degrades with time and we were using pretty old
oils that were not properly stored. We also much latter learned not to
run soda with beer equipment. Soda runs at MUCH higher psi of co2.

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